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What is Root Canal treatment?
Root canal treatment has to be performed if the dental nerve (Latin: Pulpa) is necrotic (Pulp Necrosis). and/or infected. During a root canal therapy, the tooth nerve and pulp are extracted and the inside of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and sealed with care. The most common reasons for a root canal treatment are bad cases of tooth decay, large fillings, dental trauma or tooth abrasion that may occur during dental treatments. Typical symptoms includeprolonged thermal sensitivity and swelling of the gum. All this may be signs that you need a root canal therapy. Please consult your Dentist in this case. Please note - for good results a root canal therapy has to be performed by a specialist. The branch of dentistry that deals with diseases and conditions of the tooth root, dental pulp, and surrounding tissue is called Endodontics. Take a look at our extensive video on root canal treatment for a better understanding of causes and process.

Root Canal Treatment

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